A Tour of The Wind Turbines and the National Eagle Center


I am planning a spring get-away for the family before the end of the school year over a long weekend and I have decided to take my family to the Xcel Energy Wind Farms in Austin Minnesota. In preparation for this we have been studying the uses of Wind Farms and how they work. We are also learning about the various parts of the wind turbines like the sizes of the blades and how fast they go and the coil windings.

Because Austin Minnesota is a pretty quite town we will spend the night in a water park and then go visit the National Eagle Center in Wabasha. Sadly eagles are sometimes killed by the blades of the turbines so we are going to investigate what is being done to prevent this. It should be a fun little gift to give the kids, a weekend getaway trip of learning and relaxing.

Adult Easter Baskets

Why didn’t I think of this before???? I love this idea, I was surfing Pinterest today looking for Easter ideas and found a list of unconventional Easter baskets, (one of them had wine in it), I am so excited! My husband and I are each getting a basket this year. Why let the kids have all the fun anyway? I will put some yummy grown up treats in a basket for each of us and we can enjoy them while the kids stuff themselves on their chocolate rabbits, how fun!


There were quite a few great ideas as usual on Pinterest, people are so darn creative! A funny one was a beer case stuffed with snacks and beer. There was also a six pack of beer with Easter grass filled in around it. That may be the one for my husband, he loves beer and with my busy life I need a quick and easy idea. I can also stuff a stick of beef jerky in it and call it good. Mine will be more like the one above. I am all about the wine. I will need some good cheese and chocolate in there too of course. Easter shopping should be fun this year!

Longing for Free Time

Wouldn’t the best gift ever be more time? I would do anything for a few more hours in a day to get some cleaning done, catch up with my kids, and have a few moments to myself. There is just not enough time in the day because of all the other things my life is busy and over full with. This seems to be something that many people do, over book themselves. It is important to take time for yourself and slow down a bit because time does go so fast.

One way I slow myself down a bit is to treat myself to some time at the day spa to relax. When I get back home I am much more mellow. This is when I really get some quality time in with the children and my husband. The body wraps Orange County offers do a tremendous job of toning up some trouble spots and I feel really good when I leave there. It is a great date night for my husband and I too when we get to have some time to ourselves.

For a daily way to have some time to myself I make sure I get some exercise in too. It is amazing what a little walk will do for the soul. Because there will never be more time in the day I feel I will need to expect less of myself, that will be the best way for me to get more time.

We are Taking the Kids to the Space Station

thG6QPXUMHThis summer for vacation we are going to take a road trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will be a long car ride so we have planned a few overnight stops along the way at other attractions as well. We may stop and visit family too. I am super excited to see the space center, not sure if I am planning this vacation for the kids or myself.

In preparation for this trip we have all been exploring the For Kids page on the Kennedy Space Center site. We are learning about the different parts of space shuttles and controls and the duties of the people on board and at the control centers. We have researched where the parts of the space shuttles are made and found out some of the parts are made in various states. Only the highest quality parts are used to build the engines and motors so these components such as stators, rotors, and windings are custom built. It has been a lot of interesting research and learning. The kids are getting excited and we feel great as parents that our summer vacation is also a wonderful learning experience. We are also following the Mars Exploration Rover.

Activities to Keep Busy

Sitting around on a rainy day with a bunch of kids in the house gets me to thinking of ways to keep my kids busy with quiet activities. This always poses a challenge. They will be pretty good for quite awhile really usually but after a few hours they start to get a little stir crazy. Because of the cold, wet, dirty, Spring weather we are currently having I did not send them outside today. I usually do that, it is my go to but I don’t like having to wash extra clothes, and have the kids track in mud, especially when the floor just get cleaned. Spring is such a hard time of the year to keep the house clean.


So in brainstorming ways to keep the kids busy and semi-quiet, I set up a puzzle on a card table. That actually worked for about an hour, they really got engrossed. The key there was to not  give them too big of a puzzle, it is necessary to keep it at their level or they lose interest right away. Next we played some Kings Corners. This is a solitaire type of card game for 4 people. It is fun and moves fast the kids love it. So next time your at the store try to remember to pick up a puzzle and a deck of cards for some activities to keep kids entertained and away from the television.