Loving This Water Bottle for Gift Giving

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere, I look for my keys, purse, phone, and water bottle before I leave the house. If I forget it I am immediately thirsty. Drinking water is very important to good health so I like to give my loved ones nice water bottles as gifts. I found this one recently which is great for the person on the go.

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This Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle is available from Amazon for $12.19. It has really nice features for someone on the go. The opening seals tightly and can be operated with one hand. It is 100% leak proof and spill proof, isn’t that great? The built in compartment lets you put maybe some cash and your car key in it when hiking, how convenient right?

More features:

  • Patented AUTOSEAL technology – Press the AUTOSEAL button to sip; release to automatically seal.
  • No cap to remove, no spout to open – convenient one-handed water bottle operation from sip to seal, perfect for all activities.
  • Patented AUTOSEAL lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof.
  • Water bottle features a built-in compartment – just flip open door to store ID, gym card, money, key, and more!
  • Flip up handle with carabiner to clip to gym bags and backpacks.

Great Summer Birthday Gift Ideas

Summer birthdays are fun for kids and adults a like. For summer birthday parties you can take a group to the beach, pool, water park, camping or any park as long as it is not storming. It seems like you have more choices which is wonderful, less limitations are always more fun.

I also love to pick out summer birthday gifts. For adults you can give fun t-shirts, beautiful plants, (because you don’t have to worry about them dying in cold weather), outdoor games they can actually use or equipment like kayaks and fishing poles they don’t have to wait months to enjoy. Children’s gifts that are fun to give in the summer are bikes, roller blades, scooters, and countless toys they can play with outside. Noisy toys are good to give in the summer because they children are not trapped inside with them and being told they can’t use it. That is always a bummer.

Massages In Orange County Make for great gifts

massages roomMy boyfriend and I went on a vacation to California, which I have to tell you was probably one of the best vacations I have ever been on. It was absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. I think the best part of the trip was the present we got from my parents. When they found out we were going to take this trip they got us both massages in Orange County. When we found out we were so excited. We really wanted to take this trip to relax because we have both been under a lot of stress, so this was definitely the perfect gift.


Let me tell you, that was the most amazing massage I have ever had. I think I was in that state in between sleeping and awake because I was so relaxed. We talked about all the good spots, and what sort of massage we were looking to get, so everything they did was perfect. My boyfriend said pretty much the same thing. He said he felt like a new man when he was done with the massage. We both definitely did not want the massages to end. If you are ever in California you absolutely have to

Facials, Orange County, Ocean View

There is almost nothing I like better than going to Orange County on the weekend to spend some time by the beach. Facials Orange County and an ocean view, that is where it’s at! If you are ever wondering what to get someone for a gift get them a facial. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a woman, men get facials too and they like it! There is so much to getting a facial, it is a lot more than a little scrub and some lotion. It is such a very relaxing experience with massage and good smelling creams. It feels like my skin becomes really clean because build up is drawn out.

I try to get a facial monthly, it doesn’t always happen but usually it does. After my facial I head to the beach with a book and a chair and site and read for a couple of hours. I have found so many good recommendation on what to read on the good reads list. This is a delightful way to spend some time alone. After that I feel so rejuvenated that when I head back home nothing upsets me for a bit.

What Did You Get for Dear Old Dad

I just love shopping for my Dad on Father’s day. He has a very large group of interests, he loves to fish, hunt, exercise, camp, backpack, golf, go four-wheeling play around in the yard and relax. We have favorite movies we watch together too after all that outdoor activity it is nice to chill out on the couch. This year for Father’s Day I found the perfect  voodoo tactical backpacks. He can fit all his gear for a fun filled day outside in this bag. There are so many pockets and compartments in this thing. It is perfect for him.


So on Father’s Day after I give him the best gift and show up my siblings I am hoping Dad will want to pack it up and head out the door for a fun filled day of hiking and hunting or fishing. Perhaps I should tell my siblings to buy him some fishing gear, that way we can have a destination planned where he can make good use of all his new gifts. Can’t wait for a day of family bonding out of doors!