Huntington Beach Facial For The Big Day

I am apart of my very good friend’s wedding party, and I couldn’t be more excited. Going through the whole wedding process with her is so much fun. Picking out flowers, decorations and panning music and everything it so much fun. Even though all of this has been a blast, I can tell that the bride is getting pretty exhausted and stressed out. I knew I wanted to do something for her before the wedding, something that wouldn’t worry her or cause her any more stress.  I instantly knew what I wanted to get her because of how much I loved doing it in the past. I wanted her to get a Huntington Beach Facial. They are the most relaxing things I have ever done.

cloudmover_hmskincareGetting all of the toxins washed away from your face is the perfect thing to do right before a wedding. Being able to not worry about your skin is really a great thing. Everyone knows how much it sucks to have even that one blemish on your face for a big day. You know its there, and it just puts a damper on your day. I definitely don’t want anything to be a damper on my friends big day!

Spencer’s has the Funniest Gifts

Have you guys shopped at a Spencer’s store? They have got the funniest gifts. They have the latest fads in college games like beer pong. There are so many T-shirts available at these stores, no matter whom you are shopping for you could probably find a t-shirt they would relate to, Minecraft anyone, or how about super heroes. Spencers has a great stock of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Products. Even footed pajamas. For unique gift ideas Spencers is a great place to shop.

Now through Monday they are having a sale too. Free  shipping on orders over $40 with code JAMOUT. I shop for my friends at Spencers all the time.  I can always find something unique, even a little naughty if it fits their personality. It is a fun place to kill time waiting for my kids at the mall. The people watching is great there too, sometimes I just watch and listen to the other shoppers and it makes me giggle. Spencer’s brings out the kid in people and that is a fun thing to experience. If you need a funny present or just a few smiles because it has been that kind of a day, wander around a Spencer’s Gifts store for awhile, it is a guaranteed way to start grinning.

Make a great jewelry choice with Waxing Poetic

I love being able to sit in sweat pants and shop from home. One of my most favorite places to shop is at The Lamp Stand. Everyone loves to choose great pieces. Make your next great jewelry choice with Waxing Poetic.  I love giving jewelry and I love receiving it as well. Right now at The Lamp Stand, with every fifty dollar purchase you will receive a Sterling Silver chain.

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I love that with the pendant and charm jewelry you can create a style that is all about you. You can create your own style, look and be as dramatic or creative as you wish. There are crests, initials, different common shapes, as well as charms with gems and stones.  By creating your own pieces, you can match them to specific outfits.  These charms and pendents make great birthday gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.  Maybe you are heading out to a baby shower, or wedding, create a custom piece and be a party favorite!

Drunk Barbie Cake

Give the gift of girl fun! As the maid of honor, friend, family member or a bridesmaid give the gift of a funny cake for the bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are so fun for a number of reasons. It’s the final “hoorah” before the bride becomes one with her man. As soon as I saw this idea I knew I had to share it with all of you! It’s so cute for a bachelorette party but could also be  given for a girl’s night or a birthday party.

Make a regular cake, whatever flavor you prefer, and decorate with colored frosting. Add a Barbie on the top with big, party hair and a little dress outfit on. Make her look drunk and write something funny on it for your girl fun. How cute is this idea? It’s inexpensive, unique and will give the Bride a big laugh.