Massages in Huntington Beach for Dad too!

FathersdayFather’s day is Sunday June 15, just 18 days away. I know that probably seems like plenty of shopping time but boy do these late Spring days fly by with school getting out and lots and lots of lawn work to be done! To lighten my load a bit this year I am choosing gift certificates for massages in Huntington Beach for my husband and my father. I know they will appreciate the time away to themselves to just relax and have nobody ask anything of them and it saves me time, which always seems to run short.

Men can benefit from massage if they have pain, especially in common areas like the neck and back. Massage for men helps them to recover more quickly from exercise or athletic pain and it is a stress reliever. All of these items I know the men in my life will appreciate and if they are feeling relief they will be more at ease which is beneficial to their families as well. If you have yet to purchase a gift for the men in your life for Father’s day, try giving them a gift certificate for a massage, I think they will be pleased.

Down Time at Trade Show Exhibits can be Boring

My husband works away from home a lot. He spends many days at a time on the road at conferences. Much of these days are spent at trade show exhibits. He really enjoys his job but there are slow times during the day and that makes being away from home harder for him than it already is because he feels unproductive during those times and misses his family even more. I came up with some ways to help him feel more productive on the road. He is able to get more done because he makes better use of his time so when he is home he does not have to spend as much time at the office. It has been wonderful to have him home and present when he is not traveling instead of at the office. Here are a few of the items which help to make this possible.

  • Laser Keyboard- this is so cool, it projects an image on a surface of a keyboard allowing him to type up notes and documents. This has been his biggest time saver. laser keyboard
  •  Portable Scanner- Because he receives a lot of business cards and informational brochures this portable scanner allows him to slip the documents through saving the information in files that he can transfer to his lap top. It helps reduce the paper clutter he used to have to sort back at the office.
  • Powermat Charging Pad- this charging pad not only charges his phone, lap top and tablet, it also cuts clutter at his trade show exhibit.

Ideas for Gift Baskets

Delivering a gift basket to a loved one on your Christmas list is a special way to give them some favorite items and personalize the basket. I found a great selection of baskets to fill at our Goodwill Store. They were very reasonable of course but I happened to stop by the store when it was running a special and I go the baskets for half off, Score! I have several people on my Christmas list who I give a gift basket to every year. I find items through out the year to fill the baskets and that helps to take the strain off my budget during the holiday season. I can find great sales and clearance items after a holiday. Many of them will keep for at least a year so this year try to find some items after Christmas on clearance and save yourself some money already on next years gift baskets.  You will really appreciate the time spent on scrambling to shop as well as the money. Gift baskets are really great gifts for any occasion, not just at Christmas.


Ideas to fill baskets include;

  • Foods such as; fruit, nuts, sausage, candy, chocolate
  • Games like cards, dice, puzzle books
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Soaps and lotions
  • A bottle of wine or another favorite beverage

The possibilities are really endless.

Dad’s Gonna Love Tactical Scopes for ar-15

ncstar-scope-combo-special-operations-combo-3I found the perfect gift for my father. He is an avid gun collector and he just loves to shoot anything. He has quite the collection of guns, swords, and knives. When I found these tactical scopes for ar-15 I came across something just for him. I know he is going to love them. It has been awhile since I have found just the perfect gift for him. He is getting a little older so I think a scope will really be nice because he will be able to see his target easier.

When I was young my father taught me how to shoot and we have been spending time together target shooting ever since. It is a great way for us to spend an afternoon catching up. Just him and I will plan a day to hang out, clean our guns, have a friendly little competition. My favorite part is probably the conversations, we have the best conversations about life. We get caught up on what is going on in each others lives. We tell each other some things I don’t think anyone else knows about us. It is very special time we both look forward to. I am excited to give him this scope and plan out next outing.


Sometimes a Gift is Making a Great Dinner

Today I am making chicken wild rice soup for supper. My husband works so hard, he gets up around three or four am and heads off to work. He doesn’t usually get home until five, six, or last night it was seven. That is a very long day. I always try to have a nice warm meal ready for him when he gets home because he doesn’t usually eat all day. He travels quite a bit and if he stops that means he gets home later so he doesn’t like to stop.

I had a chicken in the freezer so I put it in a large pot with some water and am going to boil it until the meat falls off the bones. After I de-bone the chicken I will add the wild rice that I cooked separately to the chicken. To make a good cream soup you need half and half and some butter. Doesn’t this sound great already? I usually sneak in an onion that I pretty much pulverize so disguise it because my husband hates onions. Garlic, celery, and shredded carrots make their way in the pot along with the rice. I add salt and pepper to taste.

All of this cooks for a couple hours on a low simmer. To go with the soup I will  make a loaf of beer bread. I used to buy a mix but I found a great recipe in an online search. It is just as good, there are less preservatives and it is a lot cheaper. When my man gets home today he will be greeted with a smile, a house that smells delicious and a warm bowl of soup. It might just be a good night to hint about the Huntington Beach facials I would like for Christmas for my daughter and I.