Massages in Orange County for the Bride and Groom

Summer is well known for the Wedding Season as well as the Summer vacations. During the summer I go to a few weddings typically every year. A gift I have gotten back great feedback on is couples massages in Orange County. I buy the bride and groom a massage package gift they  certificate. The great part about this is that the couple does not have to have the massages together in the same room, they can get the massages at the same time but in separate rooms if that is what they want.


As I said, I have had great feedback on giving massages to couples as a wedding gift. They can take a day after the ceremony when things slow down a bit to take some time to relax as a couple and unwind. I think is makes a opportunity to take the day and have some lunch or dinner afterwards and make a date out of it. Being a newly married couple is tough, it takes sometime to flatten out the wrinkles of what married life actually is to what you imagined it to be. Another helpful tool I have found is this book, there are many out there, it is good to get some advice from the experts at times.

Massages In Orange County Make for great gifts

massages roomMy boyfriend and I went on a vacation to California, which I have to tell you was probably one of the best vacations I have ever been on. It was absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. I think the best part of the trip was the present we got from my parents. When they found out we were going to take this trip they got us both massages in Orange County. When we found out we were so excited. We really wanted to take this trip to relax because we have both been under a lot of stress, so this was definitely the perfect gift.


Let me tell you, that was the most amazing massage I have ever had. I think I was in that state in between sleeping and awake because I was so relaxed. We talked about all the good spots, and what sort of massage we were looking to get, so everything they did was perfect. My boyfriend said pretty much the same thing. He said he felt like a new man when he was done with the massage. We both definitely did not want the massages to end. If you are ever in California you absolutely have to

Huntington Beach Facial For The Big Day

I am apart of my very good friend’s wedding party, and I couldn’t be more excited. Going through the whole wedding process with her is so much fun. Picking out flowers, decorations and panning music and everything it so much fun. Even though all of this has been a blast, I can tell that the bride is getting pretty exhausted and stressed out. I knew I wanted to do something for her before the wedding, something that wouldn’t worry her or cause her any more stress.  I instantly knew what I wanted to get her because of how much I loved doing it in the past. I wanted her to get a Huntington Beach Facial. They are the most relaxing things I have ever done.

cloudmover_hmskincareGetting all of the toxins washed away from your face is the perfect thing to do right before a wedding. Being able to not worry about your skin is really a great thing. Everyone knows how much it sucks to have even that one blemish on your face for a big day. You know its there, and it just puts a damper on your day. I definitely don’t want anything to be a damper on my friends big day!

Facials From Orange County Make For Great Gifts

I always have a hard time thinking of something to give as a gift. I don’t know what it is about me, but I am really terrible at giving gifts. Ask anyone who has received a gift from me… Horrible. Finally I realized something that I can give to my girlfriends for probably the rest of their lives that they will be happy with every time. What girl wouldn’t like to get a facial from orange county? I have gotten many facials from Orange County, and I am pretty obsessed with them. They make my face feel unbelievably smooth and clean. Getting a facial at the end of each month is a great way to clear off your palate and be ready to conquer another month! Being at your best is your job, so why wouldn’t you want to do anything that could help you!? I know my friends are always complaining about how they feel like their faces just take a beating all the time with all the make up and stress sweat, and dirt from outside. Of course this facial from Orange County would do the trick!

Sometimes a Gift is Making a Great Dinner

Today I am making chicken wild rice soup for supper. My husband works so hard, he gets up around three or four am and heads off to work. He doesn’t usually get home until five, six, or last night it was seven. That is a very long day. I always try to have a nice warm meal ready for him when he gets home because he doesn’t usually eat all day. He travels quite a bit and if he stops that means he gets home later so he doesn’t like to stop.

I had a chicken in the freezer so I put it in a large pot with some water and am going to boil it until the meat falls off the bones. After I de-bone the chicken I will add the wild rice that I cooked separately to the chicken. To make a good cream soup you need half and half and some butter. Doesn’t this sound great already? I usually sneak in an onion that I pretty much pulverize so disguise it because my husband hates onions. Garlic, celery, and shredded carrots make their way in the pot along with the rice. I add salt and pepper to taste.

All of this cooks for a couple hours on a low simmer. To go with the soup I will  make a loaf of beer bread. I used to buy a mix but I found a great recipe in an online search. It is just as good, there are less preservatives and it is a lot cheaper. When my man gets home today he will be greeted with a smile, a house that smells delicious and a warm bowl of soup. It might just be a good night to hint about the Huntington Beach facials I would like for Christmas for my daughter and I.