52 Reasons Why I Love You

card giftNeed a special gift idea for the one you love? Maybe it’s your wedding day, you two just moved, or just feeling like you want to do something special for him or her. You cannot say “I love you” enough in your relationship, and sometimes when something even small is done we forget to let them know we love them.

To let him or her know you love them more than they know, make them a book of all the reasons your love them! I love this cute idea of putting all of them in a deck of cards and having “52 reasons I love you.” So you don’t have to think of all 52 on the spot, every time you think of one go write it down until you have compiled a list of 52 reasons. This is such a cute, simple and special way of reminding someone how much and why you love them!


Massages in Orange County for the Bride and Groom

Summer is well known for the Wedding Season as well as the Summer vacations. During the summer I go to a few weddings typically every year. A gift I have gotten back great feedback on is couples massages in Orange County. I buy the bride and groom a massage package gift they  certificate. The great part about this is that the couple does not have to have the massages together in the same room, they can get the massages at the same time but in separate rooms if that is what they want.


As I said, I have had great feedback on giving massages to couples as a wedding gift. They can take a day after the ceremony when things slow down a bit to take some time to relax as a couple and unwind. I think is makes a opportunity to take the day and have some lunch or dinner afterwards and make a date out of it. Being a newly married couple is tough, it takes sometime to flatten out the wrinkles of what married life actually is to what you imagined it to be. Another helpful tool I have found is this book, there are many out there, it is good to get some advice from the experts at times.

Plain Bands or Ornate Engagement Rings?

This question perplexed by friend and her fiancee. While the tradition of a plain gold band is timeless and will never go out of style there is a draw to a fancy rings as well. As usual I suggested a list of Pros to each and see how they stack up. There are times when a list of pros and cons can lay it all out and make a decision easier. I think it helped put the decision in perspective. Here is what we came up with.



Plain Band


  • will not get caught on things as easily
  • easy to clean
  • comfortable
  • low maintenance
  • repairs less likely
  • can’t lose stones
  • more affordable
  • traditional

Ornate Engagement Rings


  • sparkly
  • original
  • can customize
  • sparkly again

So there seem to be more pros in her list to a plain band than an ornate ring. This is a decision that should come from the heart, it is something to be worn for the rest of your life and will probably be the most meaningful piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Practicality has a place but it should not be the only deciding factor. I am excited to see what she goes with. I did suggest she go with a few in between choices, whatever she picks it will be beautiful.



Get her the style she wants with a Unique Engagement Ring From Simone & Son

Shopping is painful sometimes, especially when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Shopping for an engagement ring should always be stress free and easy. Get her the style she wants with a unique engagement ring from Simone & Son. Getting engaged is a big deal, choose a unique engagement ring that will last a life time. Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Get her the style she wants with the help of the professionals at Simone & Son.

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You can choose from a huge selection of engagement rings or you can choose to create a custom one of a kind ring. I love the idea of creating a custom engagement ring, it is all you. Getting married is a lifetime commitment, getting a ring that is all you is priceless. Let the friendly staff help you create a unique engagement ring for the love of your life in a style that she likes, let her be Cinderella for the day and make all her dreams come true.