A Rich Chocolate Surprie

Graduations, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, really any occasion you can give money as the gift. We all know there are different times when we actually want to give money as a gift. Does anyone else just giving someone a card with some money on the inside? I seriously hate doing that because it just seems so boring, and like there was no thought or effort put into it!

Chocolate moneyFor those time when I do want to give someone money, I like to do it in a fun way. My favorite is to put the money in a chocolate box like this one. Either save a box from a previous buy or just go any buy a cheep box of chocolates…. or buy the ones you like so you can eat them all! You could also use an existing box you have and just use, mini cup cake tins.

If you wrap it, when they open it, they will probably be less than exciting about the box of chocolates you just gave them. Either have them open it right away, or let the joke go on for as long as the wait to open the chocolates! Who knows it might be a while until they realize they have a bunch of money!

Every Man Needs A Backpack

fox-tactical-medium-transport-pack-4Need an gift idea for him? Every guy needs a heavy duty back pack. Whether or not he is going on crazy even dangerous adventures, going camping for the weekend, or just taking a small trip, he can definitely make great use of a Fox Tactical Medium Transport Pack. This backpack is actually amazing. it can safely hold so many different things. You would think guys don’t bring that much stuff when they are traveling, but you would be surprised. If he isn’t totally into camo there is an all black option too. I don’t know any guy that wouldn’t want a great quality backpack for traveling.

Down Time at Trade Show Exhibits can be Boring

My husband works away from home a lot. He spends many days at a time on the road at conferences. Much of these days are spent at trade show exhibits. He really enjoys his job but there are slow times during the day and that makes being away from home harder for him than it already is because he feels unproductive during those times and misses his family even more. I came up with some ways to help him feel more productive on the road. He is able to get more done because he makes better use of his time so when he is home he does not have to spend as much time at the office. It has been wonderful to have him home and present when he is not traveling instead of at the office. Here are a few of the items which help to make this possible.

  • Laser Keyboard- this is so cool, it projects an image on a surface of a keyboard allowing him to type up notes and documents. This has been his biggest time saver. laser keyboard
  •  Portable Scanner- Because he receives a lot of business cards and informational brochures this portable scanner allows him to slip the documents through saving the information in files that he can transfer to his lap top. It helps reduce the paper clutter he used to have to sort back at the office.
  • Powermat Charging Pad- this charging pad not only charges his phone, lap top and tablet, it also cuts clutter at his trade show exhibit.

Rocksmith- A Fun Way to Learn to Play the Guitar

The Rocksmith system boasts that you can learn to play the guitar in 60 days. 95% of people who tried improved their guitar skills after using Rocksmith. What I think it looks like is an awesome video game. This is on my list to buy my kids. Rocksmith can be used for the Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and any Mac or PC.


There are exercises in Rocksmith disguised as games to improve skills so you learn while having fun, which really is the best way especially for children. Rocksmith is not yet available for the Wii system but hopefully it will be soon. The main difference between Rocksmith and other guitar games like Rockband or Guitar Hero is that Rocksmith requires a real electric guitar. So if you already have one that part is easy. If you don’t it is a significant expense but with Rocksmith you don’t need guitar lessons so you save that money and you also save money on driving to the lessons.

From the Rocksmith site:


Rocksmith teaches you how to play fast and effectively by letting you plug any real guitar or bass* directly into your Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Windows® PC or Mac.

Rocksmith becomes your personal guitar teacher as it monitors how you play, dynamically adjusts the difficulty to your skill level, then slowly introduces more notes and phrases until you’re playing your favorite songs note-for-note.

Now that I have the children taken care of it is time for Mommy, she would like, coach signature bags, what do you say Santa? I have been a very good girl.

Favorite Childhood Gifts

There are some gifts from my childhood that really stick out still today. This sometimes surprises me because these days it is hard to remember why I left one room to go to another sometimes. I blame that one on the kids, my mind is scattered now and my life is much busier than it used to be. I remember thinking Christmas is so far away, or my birthday or whatever holiday was coming up. They always took so long to arrive. Now they come and go before I am ready.

lite bright

One of my favorite birthdays was the year I got a Lite Bright. I played with that thing all the time, it was so much fun. How great for the hand eye coordination and it kept me quite and busy for hours. I need to find a toy like that for my kids, they would never look away from a screen if I didn’t force them to. Another favorite was a jewelry box and of course barbies. How I loved to get barbies, I played with them so much. Then there were clothes, shoes, and dolls. Always fun for a girl to receive any of them. My kids all want expensive electronics. I will have to find some gifts that don’t require batteries or electricity and show them how fun that can be too.