Citrus Fruits are a Great Winter Gift Item

Have you ever received a box of fresh citrus fruit in the winter. I have an Uncle who always sent us a large box of grapefruit every December. We lived in Minnesota and he lived in New Mexico so we didn’t get to see him  very often. Receiving that box of grapefruit is one of my favorite childhood memories. In Minnesota citrus fruit is a welcome treat in the middle of winter. I remember being so small I could fit inside the box of grapefruit. I wonder if they still sell such large boxes?

15106671-yellow-and-red-grapefruit-and-a-cut-one-in-a-wooden-box-on-a-white-backgroundThis is a great gift item to send a loved one, especially an older person who can’t get around much. I think I will do this for a few people on my Christmas list because they will appreciate the fresh fruit and older people tend not to leave home as much when it is cold out and the roads are bad. There are companies who will deliver the fruit to people far away so that works out wonderfully. Another option is to go to the grocery store and make your own baskets up to bring to loved ones who live closer to you. Doing that also allows you to be able to add some special favorites to personalize the basket.

Sometimes a Gift is Making a Great Dinner

Today I am making chicken wild rice soup for supper. My husband works so hard, he gets up around three or four am and heads off to work. He doesn’t usually get home until five, six, or last night it was seven. That is a very long day. I always try to have a nice warm meal ready for him when he gets home because he doesn’t usually eat all day. He travels quite a bit and if he stops that means he gets home later so he doesn’t like to stop.

I had a chicken in the freezer so I put it in a large pot with some water and am going to boil it until the meat falls off the bones. After I de-bone the chicken I will add the wild rice that I cooked separately to the chicken. To make a good cream soup you need half and half and some butter. Doesn’t this sound great already? I usually sneak in an onion that I pretty much pulverize so disguise it because my husband hates onions. Garlic, celery, and shredded carrots make their way in the pot along with the rice. I add salt and pepper to taste.

All of this cooks for a couple hours on a low simmer. To go with the soup I will  make a loaf of beer bread. I used to buy a mix but I found a great recipe in an online search. It is just as good, there are less preservatives and it is a lot cheaper. When my man gets home today he will be greeted with a smile, a house that smells delicious and a warm bowl of soup. It might just be a good night to hint about the Huntington Beach facials I would like for Christmas for my daughter and I.

Found the perfect Father’s Day Gift for my husband, Pancake Plates!!

I know that it sounds really weird that this could possible be the perfect Father’s Day gift, but it is for my husband. I found Pancake Plates, and yes my husband is going to love them. This year we did our first run on tapping our Maple Trees in our yard, …..well ten of our trees anyway! We have probably 25-40 in our yard and in the woods on our property, so who knows the exact number. If you have never had fresh maple syrup you are totally missing out! No lie!!! When our syrup is finally done and we are ready to jar it, I have to have a few spoon fulls before he dumps it all into jars.


With that all being said, we love our syrup and often have what my husband calls “Binner” {breakfast for dinner}!  That usually consists of pancakes or french toast, eggs from our laying hens {we have a small farm}, sausage or bacon, all smothered in the homemade maple syrup that my husband makes. He loves pancakes and this Pancake Plate will be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him!! I am so excited, I am going to order them now and hopefully wait till Father’s Day to give it too him!!

Mealtime Chalkboard Placemats

So I just added these Mealtime Chalkboard Placemats to the list of things I must have for my children. While I am cooking dinner I always like to have my kids helping me in the kitchen, whether that means prepping food or setting the table. Once dinner is ready and I am trying to serve it and get everyone gathered, it seems impossible. The kids are hungry and can’t sit still. With mealtime chalkboard placemats, they would have something to do to keep their busy hands from banging silverware together or putting their plates on their heads.


Mealtime chalkboard placemats are a great birthday gift for a child of age 3 and up. All of my three kids love to draw and color, this is the perfect birthday gift for them. This would also be a great gift for my son’s preschool teacher, she usually has a small class of anywhere from 4-8 children. This would make a great teacher gift that she could use for more kids to come. Great idea to keep your kids busy while waiting on their food!

Fun Gift Ideas

I always like to find fun gift ideas. I usually like to find things that are unusual and quirky. I wanted to share some fun things that I found that are not your usual gifts.  The first funny gift I found is a Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set. Bring a little fun to the table when you are adding your dressing to your salad.


The next gift is a set of Tipsy Wine Glasses. I love to sit around my good family and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Sitting around having fun and enjoying each others is what our family does best. This tipsy set of wine glasses would be a big hit in my family.


Head to the beach this summer with these Beach Sounds Portable Speakers, this one is my favorite. The Beach Sounds portable sound system means that you can now rock out at the beach without fear of getting water or sandy grit into your electronics. With its bright colors and retro look, this amplified speaker set has a water resistant body, that will conceal your MP3 player, smartphones or Walkman.  The inside is made of foam rubber and a velcro strap protect your electronics from being jostled around. I love going to the beach but I hate taking my phone out from under my beach towel in fear the sun and sand will get to it.