Massages in Orange County for the Bride and Groom

Summer is well known for the Wedding Season as well as the Summer vacations. During the summer I go to a few weddings typically every year. A gift I have gotten back great feedback on is couples massages in Orange County. I buy the bride and groom a massage package gift they  certificate. The great part about this is that the couple does not have to have the massages together in the same room, they can get the massages at the same time but in separate rooms if that is what they want.


As I said, I have had great feedback on giving massages to couples as a wedding gift. They can take a day after the ceremony when things slow down a bit to take some time to relax as a couple and unwind. I think is makes a opportunity to take the day and have some lunch or dinner afterwards and make a date out of it. Being a newly married couple is tough, it takes sometime to flatten out the wrinkles of what married life actually is to what you imagined it to be. Another helpful tool I have found is this book, there are many out there, it is good to get some advice from the experts at times.

Bucket List for Partners


I got my husband a little gift for the both of us recently I wanted to let everyone know about because we both love this one. It is, “The Bucket List Journal for Couples”. My husband and I often talk about things we will do together “some day”. This is fun but the trouble is that “some day” never really comes because life is so very busy.


This book helps us to remember things we want to do together and when we write it down it is more apt to happen. We have been having a lot of fun with this book and have already accomplished a couple of the items we added to the book. I definitely recommend this one!


Only 6 Shopping Days Left, Gift Certificates When Your Short on Time

Ok, so the malls are packed, every store as a matter of fact is not packed. I was in a department store yesterday at noon and it was busy, thought it wouldn’t be but no such luck. I get uptight, anxiety, and I cannot remember what I came for or make decisions very well when I am rushed and in a crowd. Enter gift certificates, Voila! They are a great gift, even though not as personal as a real gift they are also greatly appreciated. Especially when the gift certificates is for massages in Orange County. I have never had a complaint when I give the gift of a massage. I can order them online and enjoy a nice hot cocoa while I shop.

More great ideas for giving gift certificates are;

  • iTunes gift cards, kids and adults love them so if you do any kind of gift exchange and play a game you can be assured whomever gets the card can use and appreciate it.
  • Gift cards for a store like Walmart or Target, they have a large selection and even groceries so a child or adult would appreciate that.
  • Gas cards are another one that most people would like, especially a teenager.

Whether you still have to shop for a young child an adult or anyone in between there is probably a gift card out there they would appreciate, visit your local Walgreens or another store like that and they have a big selection of cards for many places.

Ideas for Gift Baskets

Delivering a gift basket to a loved one on your Christmas list is a special way to give them some favorite items and personalize the basket. I found a great selection of baskets to fill at our Goodwill Store. They were very reasonable of course but I happened to stop by the store when it was running a special and I go the baskets for half off, Score! I have several people on my Christmas list who I give a gift basket to every year. I find items through out the year to fill the baskets and that helps to take the strain off my budget during the holiday season. I can find great sales and clearance items after a holiday. Many of them will keep for at least a year so this year try to find some items after Christmas on clearance and save yourself some money already on next years gift baskets.  You will really appreciate the time spent on scrambling to shop as well as the money. Gift baskets are really great gifts for any occasion, not just at Christmas.


Ideas to fill baskets include;

  • Foods such as; fruit, nuts, sausage, candy, chocolate
  • Games like cards, dice, puzzle books
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Soaps and lotions
  • A bottle of wine or another favorite beverage

The possibilities are really endless.

Citrus Fruits are a Great Winter Gift Item

Have you ever received a box of fresh citrus fruit in the winter. I have an Uncle who always sent us a large box of grapefruit every December. We lived in Minnesota and he lived in New Mexico so we didn’t get to see him  very often. Receiving that box of grapefruit is one of my favorite childhood memories. In Minnesota citrus fruit is a welcome treat in the middle of winter. I remember being so small I could fit inside the box of grapefruit. I wonder if they still sell such large boxes?

15106671-yellow-and-red-grapefruit-and-a-cut-one-in-a-wooden-box-on-a-white-backgroundThis is a great gift item to send a loved one, especially an older person who can’t get around much. I think I will do this for a few people on my Christmas list because they will appreciate the fresh fruit and older people tend not to leave home as much when it is cold out and the roads are bad. There are companies who will deliver the fruit to people far away so that works out wonderfully. Another option is to go to the grocery store and make your own baskets up to bring to loved ones who live closer to you. Doing that also allows you to be able to add some special favorites to personalize the basket.