A Rich Chocolate Surprie

Graduations, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, really any occasion you can give money as the gift. We all know there are different times when we actually want to give money as a gift. Does anyone else just giving someone a card with some money on the inside? I seriously hate doing that because it just seems so boring, and like there was no thought or effort put into it!

Chocolate moneyFor those time when I do want to give someone money, I like to do it in a fun way. My favorite is to put the money in a chocolate box like this one. Either save a box from a previous buy or just go any buy a cheep box of chocolates…. or buy the ones you like so you can eat them all! You could also use an existing box you have and just use, mini cup cake tins.

If you wrap it, when they open it, they will probably be less than exciting about the box of chocolates you just gave them. Either have them open it right away, or let the joke go on for as long as the wait to open the chocolates! Who knows it might be a while until they realize they have a bunch of money!

The Cutest Owl Rocker

Buying gifts for little kids is always so much fun because you have such a wide variety of things to choose from when picking out the perfect gift! Owls have definitely been the trend lately, and you can also tell that they have been moving over to be a trend in baby and kids items. I love owls for kids because they can be so many different colors, and they are also gender neutral depending on the color!

If you want to show up with the best gift for a little girl then you need to show up with this owl rocker! It seriously so cute! I love that the seat is a little tree stump with some leaves on it! So cleaver! I know this would be her favorite gift of the day if she opened this.

owl rockerThis is great for kids at that young age right before they are walking and also while they are walking. Kids at this age love to do things on their own and moving around is definitely one of them. This is definitely great for that because it is small enough they can climb on it by themselves, and even better it is safe. It is cushioned, and small enough that if they fall it wont hurt them.

You can find this at Zulily!

Designer Baby Bedding To Die For

Want to give the ultimate gift to an expecting mother? I am so excited about this one. Naartjie Kids has designer baby bedding now! They have some of the cutest baby bedding and room accessories I have ever seen! We are all loving that trending chevron print, but have you ever thought about using it for a baby’s room? Something else that people are probably not thinking about when it comes to a nursery, is using a neutral color such as gray. I know, I know! It almost sounds crazy not to use bold or pastel colors when it comes to decorating a baby room, but Naartjie Kids just seems to know what they are doing, cause this is seriously the cutest baby bedding I have ever seen.

chevron baby bedding

I love that they have gone outside the typical baby colors and prints with this baby bedding set. Doing something different is so much fun, so why not do something different with your baby room?! Even if the baby could tell you they didn’t like the room, they wouldn’t because it is just so darn cute. I also love that this is a baby room that can be for both girls and boys. I think the combination of the animal prints along with chevron really compliment each other and also make this possible for both boys and girls!

I think if I were to use this baby bedroom set (which I totally will when I have kids) I would love to add pops of color! If you want to keep the sex of the baby a surprise this is a great bedding set to use because after you find out the sex you can buy just a few colored accessories. Adding a colored pillow or two, a colored rug, or colored curtains would be very cute pops of color. If you like having pictures on the walls, they would really stand out against the gray color theme!

Tell me what you think of the designer baby bedding!

Instawatch is Sweet


This watch is one of the latest tech gadgets on my must have list. The Instawatch lets you upload your favorite Instagram shot, to the watch face then pick the color of the band. Voila you now have a customized watch in no time.

There are some really great shots I have taken then loaded up to Instagram and made even better. With the special effects available on Instagram you can take an ordinary or even a blah photo and make enhancements to it that turn it into a really good photo.

I know my daughter will love this one for her birthday. As the younger crowd is moving away from Facebook they are now using sites like Instagram more and more.

Most Fun Gift to Give? Newborn Baby Clothes

When someone I know has a baby I get so excited to shop for newborn baby clothes. I just love to pick out sweet, comfortable little outfits for the precious angels to wear. Baby clothes are simply the cutest, especially those shoes. They look like keychains. Really shoes for newborns are useless but they still sell because they are super cute. So because I usually have several months notice before someone I know is having a baby as soon as I hear I start shopping. I can find really cute clothes on sale. I don’t have to spend quite as much this way and I can give more. I try to limit myself to buying one outfit at a time or by the time the baby comes I will have quite a pile to give as a present.


I found some really cute trendy baby clothes at Naartje. The styles are like miniature real people clothes, they are not the usual pastel clothes full of bunnies, lambs, and zoo animals that you see at the typical department store. The babies I get to buy for are going to be looking like they have a hip job and set their own trends.