Favorite Childhood Gifts

There are some gifts from my childhood that really stick out still today. This sometimes surprises me because these days it is hard to remember why I left one room to go to another sometimes. I blame that one on the kids, my mind is scattered now and my life is much busier than it used to be. I remember thinking Christmas is so far away, or my birthday or whatever holiday was coming up. They always took so long to arrive. Now they come and go before I am ready.

lite bright

One of my favorite birthdays was the year I got a Lite Bright. I played with that thing all the time, it was so much fun. How great for the hand eye coordination and it kept me quite and busy for hours. I need to find a toy like that for my kids, they would never look away from a screen if I didn’t force them to. Another favorite was a jewelry box and of course barbies. How I loved to get barbies, I played with them so much. Then there were clothes, shoes, and dolls. Always fun for a girl to receive any of them. My kids all want expensive electronics. I will have to find some gifts that don’t require batteries or electricity and show them how fun that can be too.

The Xbox One

xbox one

My children have been talking to me about the Xbox One. I was not sure what exactly it was then I saw a commercial and this game system is $500. Whoa! What the heck can it do that makes it so expensive, “everything” was my husbands answer. So I needed to find out more specifically. This is the brief description on the site.

Be amazed.

Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment. Where games push the boundaries of realism. And television obeys your every command. Where listening to music while playing a game is a snap. And you can jump from TV to movies to music to a game in an instant. Where your experience is custom tailored to you. And the entertainment you love is all in one place. Welcome to the all-in-one, Xbox One.

I am sure this will a hot gift item this Christmas. It sounds amazing and I would even love one. I am betting they will sell out before Christmas. One thing I always complained about with out Wii is that is cannot play a DVD, I know it has the capability and it should just be made to do that. I want a simple looking set up for out entertainment center with as few boxes around as possible. I would be game to get an Xbox One if my husband is on board.



Mealtime Chalkboard Placemats

So I just added these Mealtime Chalkboard Placemats to the list of things I must have for my children. While I am cooking dinner I always like to have my kids helping me in the kitchen, whether that means prepping food or setting the table. Once dinner is ready and I am trying to serve it and get everyone gathered, it seems impossible. The kids are hungry and can’t sit still. With mealtime chalkboard placemats, they would have something to do to keep their busy hands from banging silverware together or putting their plates on their heads.


Mealtime chalkboard placemats are a great birthday gift for a child of age 3 and up. All of my three kids love to draw and color, this is the perfect birthday gift for them. This would also be a great gift for my son’s preschool teacher, she usually has a small class of anywhere from 4-8 children. This would make a great teacher gift that she could use for more kids to come. Great idea to keep your kids busy while waiting on their food!