Facials From Orange County Make For Great Gifts

I always have a hard time thinking of something to give as a gift. I don’t know what it is about me, but I am really terrible at giving gifts. Ask anyone who has received a gift from me… Horrible. Finally I realized something that I can give to my girlfriends for probably the rest of their lives that they will be happy with every time. What girl wouldn’t like to get a facial from orange county? I have gotten many facials from Orange County, and I am pretty obsessed with them. They make my face feel unbelievably smooth and clean. Getting a facial at the end of each month is a great way to clear off your palate and be ready to conquer another month! Being at your best is your job, so why wouldn’t you want to do anything that could help you!? I know my friends are always complaining about how they feel like their faces just take a beating all the time with all the make up and stress sweat, and dirt from outside. Of course this facial from Orange County would do the trick!

Junior Plus Size Fashion Finds

It can sometimes be challenging to find a nice gift for the plus size person close to your heart. When shopping for clothes for young people the choices in junior plus size are not always as varied as the choices in the more widely worn sizes. There is a great market for this though. Luckily I found some nice options for my nieces whom I love to give clothes to. They love fashion and they are always excited to see what their favorite aunt, (as I call myself), has found for them this time.

plusGiving my nieces clothing that they love which is in fashion, and that fits them makes me so happy. The saddest thing is to see an outfit they love but won’t fit them. I don’t want them growing up with a poor body image so I do all that I can to encourage them.

Accessories are another thing that is fun to give and if you are unsure of sizes you don’t have to worry as much about getting the size correct. Scarves are in right now and are hot, they are worn in all seasons too. Hats, sunglasses, and big chunky necklaces are fun pieces that are versatile like scarves and will add a pop of color to another wise conservative look.

Graduation Gifts


Everyone knows the best gift for a graduate is cold hard cash but what else can they use? For graduates I don’t know well I always give them cash, its easy, convenient, and appreciated on both ends. I love not having to shop or wrap. When I do know a graduate well I like the give something more personal even if it is just part of the gift. I like to believe they appreciate it and will always keep it and think of me and how kind and thoughtful I am when they use it. I know, it’s most likely a fairy tale but I am going to keep on doing it anyway.


Other go to graduation gifts are gift baskets, I like to fill up a container they can use with items they will need. A good container is a clothes basket or a waste paper basket, the basket becomes a useful part of the gift and there is also NO WRAPPING! Items in the baskets can be laundry soap, household cleaners, homemade dish cloths, easy foods, their favorite recipes and ingredients for them, a gift card for groceries or gas. These are all great items graduates need as they take the next step in life. A clock is also a great graduation gift or a book. One of my favorite gifts was to my nephew, I have him a hammock, he does love it and I think it is great that he spends time there and I could be a part of that.


American Eagle Artist Jeans

American Eagle Artist jeans fit like no other jeans. I literally own every pair because they are the best jeans you will ever put your legs in. they are not too low in the waist and the slim fit through the knee makes these jeans the perfect pair. not to mention they go great with everything!