Fall Homemade Gift Projects with Leaves

Fall is quickly approaching so this is a great time to talk about projects you can make in the fall for gifts. It is so fun to be in the season, on time, on trend, and save money! The fall brings opportunities for decorating with the beautiful colors. Leaves are so great for fall decorating projects, kids and adults alike can create great decorations to be used as gifts that look beautiful!

Here is a picture of a Fall Painting Project, I found on Pinterest.

73e3947f320c11fa86a09582308cb6d8Isn’t that pretty, any one would love to receive that and display it, it is an easy project for kids that is lots of fun too. Another one is to make a card and let your kids collect pretty leaves to glue on it. My kids make me a tree one year, they painted a trunk and glued pretty leaves they collected to it, it turned out gorgeous and I have it still. I framed it so I can take it out in the fall to display. These homemade Fall gifts are treasured by the recipient and they are from the heart but don’t cost a lot of money. That is what truly makes the gift so special after all. Go search out some fun bonding projects to do with your children the results will brighten peoples day!

Graduation Gifts


Everyone knows the best gift for a graduate is cold hard cash but what else can they use? For graduates I don’t know well I always give them cash, its easy, convenient, and appreciated on both ends. I love not having to shop or wrap. When I do know a graduate well I like the give something more personal even if it is just part of the gift. I like to believe they appreciate it and will always keep it and think of me and how kind and thoughtful I am when they use it. I know, it’s most likely a fairy tale but I am going to keep on doing it anyway.


Other go to graduation gifts are gift baskets, I like to fill up a container they can use with items they will need. A good container is a clothes basket or a waste paper basket, the basket becomes a useful part of the gift and there is also NO WRAPPING! Items in the baskets can be laundry soap, household cleaners, homemade dish cloths, easy foods, their favorite recipes and ingredients for them, a gift card for groceries or gas. These are all great items graduates need as they take the next step in life. A clock is also a great graduation gift or a book. One of my favorite gifts was to my nephew, I have him a hammock, he does love it and I think it is great that he spends time there and I could be a part of that.


Love At First Swing Hammock

Yep you read that right, Love at First Swing Hammock will have you falling in love the minute you take your first seat. Hammocks are a must have, we have two at our house and the weather is finally cooperating that we can bring them out and sit in them. Most warm sunny days here at our place you can see a child or my husband or I sitting in one of the hammocks. We love to sit in them and watch the kids play out side in the pool, on the trampoline, on the swing set or even as they play a game of basketball or tag.


I wish I had a picture of the one that I bought for my husband two years ago for his birthday. It was the greatest thing that I could have every bought him. Finding something for him is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, virtually impossible. He never has any ideas on what he wants, because if he wants or needs something he just gets it himself. With that being said I would highly recommend getting one of these Love at First Swing Hammocks for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or that coming Birthday!!


The story behind the Love at First Swing Hammock,

When Joe Demin first experienced one of these hammocks in Thailand, it was “love at first swing.” 100% hand-woven from 3.2 miles of soft, vibrant, colorfast and weather-resistant cord, a process that can take a week to complete but that offers a contoured comfort unmatched by traditional cloth hammocks. This queen-sized model is perfect for two people to curl up and enjoy relaxing together.

Demin tracked down the source of these woven wonders–a small village of the endangered Mlabri people in northern Thailand. The Mlabri were nearly wiped out in the mid 20th century, when the teak forests that were their home were cut down for decorative wood. But, after their population dropped as low as 300, they have begun a slow resurgence. They have turned their traditional weaving skills toward making these inviting hammocks as a way of bringing sustainable income into their community. So as you snooze away a warm afternoon in your bright, woven nest, you can know that its makers are resting more easily as well.

Because of its woven nature, the Love at First Swing Hammock should not be used while wearing clothing with exposed buttons or zippers, or jewelry with snaggable edges. But when proper attire is worn, the hammock will last you through many summers to come. Handmade in Thailand.

Stone Drink Dispenser

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift for that hard to buy for guy on your shopping list? I found a really unique Stone Drink Dispenser that would make a perfect gift. Maybe you want to spice up your home bar or serving center, this stone drink dispenser will do just that.  The stones that are the base of these dispensers are handmade from stones found on the New England coast line and fixed with a stainless steel spigot with another stone lever.  Obviously since they are found stones, each one will be different, but very unique.

21007_zoom2 21007_zoom321007_zoom1

These would make a great groomsman gift if you are planning a wedding this summer. While supplies last you can choose the round stones or a square stone. Bring a smile to the faces of those guys that are spirit lovers. I am pretty sure you will wow your guests when you ask to pour them a drink from your new stone drink dispenser. Get yours today before they are all gone!

Exhibit Manufacturers

If you have a business then you may want to consider going to trade show exhibits so that you can set up a display or a table. This way you can showcase your product or business. These trade shows can really do wonders for a business if you know how to do them. Expo3 is great because they can really help you create and have the best exhibits possible. And the better it looks the more attention you will get. As with anything … if it looks good you are bound to get more attention. It is a way to reel the people in so that they can see how great your product and business really is.

Expo3 are exhibit manufacturers that specialize in this. They have a great site and you can contact them for more information on how they can best help you make your business a successful one.