Baseball Sports Cards for the Sports Fan

Need a quick gift for a sports  fan in your life? Baseball sports cards are a great solution. Baseball cards have been around since 1860 when both baseball and photography were gaining popularity. Since then there are a wide variety of cards out there in all price ranges. If you need a rare card of a specific player and money is no object you will have lots of fun searching through the possibilities and researching the history of the card.  There are so many baseball sports cards to choose from.Wouldn’t it be neat to surprise a relative with a card of their favorite player from their birth year or another significant year?


Children love them too, they love collecting anything really. It is fun to get a child baseball cards of their favorite players to collect. The little sports fans also love baseball hats. When my kids get invited to a birthday party we will give a hat and fill the hat with some baseball cards and a baseball. That gift is a hit at parties. The same theme can be carried out with the seasons and different sports. In the fall give a football, gloves, and football trading cards from their favorite team. In the winter Basketballs, a sweat band for t-shirt and basketball cards. Sports trading cards can be a part of a gift or the main gift and they are appreciated by most everyone who enjoys sports.


Special Handmade Touches

This November I will be selling my homeade items at my local craft sale. I’m from a small town in MN and this will be my first show. I am an avid oil painter and that’s what I enjoy most but I do love to craft and create items such as headbands, candle holders, wall hangings, jewelery stands, etc. This past weekend I began my crafting extravengagnza. I want to create a ton of different headbands starting with the flower/button headband. I’m no sewer and picked up the hobby just a few days ago. I surprisingly ended up creating these really cute flowers for my headbands! I’m totally obsessed with them.

I took old tee-shirts, shorts, sheets and cut 5 same sized circles out of the fabric. I then folded them in half and half again to create a triangle shape. I sewed across the circular end and began sewing the 5 triangle shapes to create this flower. I used my glue gun to glue felt to the back and a button in the middle. For my first creation I think they turned out pretty successful!