The Ultimate Wedding Gift

I had the most amazing gift idea the other day.. I don’t know why people haven’t thought of this sooner, but I am pretty proud of thinking of this. If you have already thought of it.. I’m sorry. I was buying my friend a wedding gift and after I bought the gift, I had to buy wrapping paper, ribbon, and a card. I was annoyed that I didn’t have any wrapping paper at home that would work for a wedding gift, and then all of a sudden it hit me.

A great wedding gift isn’t always something on the registry, or those wine glasses you think everyone would like. A great wedding gift is something that they won’t know they need until the time comes that they need it for. In my case, this would be a whole bunch of gift giving necessities. A lot of times people don’t buy the wrapping paper, gift bag, bows, ribbon, cards etc. until they need them! A lot of times buying theses things are quite annoying. The next time I get a gift for someone’s wedding or something like that, I am going to buy them a container filled with different wrapping paper, bow, ribbon, and all that good stuff! I just googled wrapping paper storage and this walmart kit came up.Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.57.51 PM

Even when I see a wrapping paper deal, I never want to buy it because I don’t need it at the time, so it doesn’t seem like a smart purchase. Buying off season wrapping paper is the best time to get it thought. They are always cheaper if you get seasonal wrapping paper not during that season! I would probably get a larger one to hold more things. All of these gift giving necessities can really add up at the register, AKA a very sufficient wedding gift! :)

Facials From Orange County Make For Great Gifts

I always have a hard time thinking of something to give as a gift. I don’t know what it is about me, but I am really terrible at giving gifts. Ask anyone who has received a gift from me… Horrible. Finally I realized something that I can give to my girlfriends for probably the rest of their lives that they will be happy with every time. What girl wouldn’t like to get a facial from orange county? I have gotten many facials from Orange County, and I am pretty obsessed with them. They make my face feel unbelievably smooth and clean. Getting a facial at the end of each month is a great way to clear off your palate and be ready to conquer another month! Being at your best is your job, so why wouldn’t you want to do anything that could help you!? I know my friends are always complaining about how they feel like their faces just take a beating all the time with all the make up and stress sweat, and dirt from outside. Of course this facial from Orange County would do the trick!

Voodoo Tactile Backpacks for the Adventurer in your Life

My family is rather adventurous. We do a lot of camping, hunting, four-wheeling, back-packing, hiking, fishing, you name it. We like to be out doors exploring and going on adventures. When living an active lifestyle such as that there are definitely risks you don’t encounter in a more city type of life. I found these great voodoo tactical backpacks and have been giving them to my family as birthday gifts. I pack them up with a few essentials and then they can customize with the different types of ammo and other supplies they rely on.

tactile backpack

Typically I pack a few hand, foot, and body warmers, flash light, some energy snacks with a long shelf life. a couple of signal flares, candles and all weather matches, a lighter, sunblock and chapstick, hand sanitizer and dental floss. Dental floss has many uses, first of all if you are ever trapped you should floss your teeth to prevent any infection from food stuck in between but you can also use it for fishing line and tying things in place if you need to make a shelter for a night. The best things to pack in a voodoo tactile backpack are ones that have more than one purpose. A first aid kit is essential, that goes in first. We all keep these packs in our vehicles and next year I will work on one for the home too.

Christmas 2013 is Past

Now that it is January 3rd we are a bit past Christmas of 2013. I hope it was  a lovely one for all of you. We had a great Christmas and a very happy New Year as well. I really love spending so much time with my family, both immediate and extended. It is really nice to be with them so much and catch up on things. I also love when they go back to school though. My kids went back yesterday. Boy were they tired. I sent them to bed a little early for a couple nights in a row to prepare but it still takes them some time to get back in the swing of things. Those poor teachers! We are having very low temperatures here and that means inside recess for the kids so they are getting a double whammy. Hopefully they can keep the kids busy with inside recess. At least they got a short week though.

The month of January is a slow one for gift giving usually so it is a good time to brain storm on ideas for upcoming holidays to be prepared ahead of time. Next month is February and that brings Valentines Day. Keep your eyes open for great gift ideas.


It’s Christmas Eve, Have you Opened Gifts?

We are just about to begin our Christmas celebrations. This afternoon we will be spending at my husband’s families house. We open gifts and hang out, then we go to church before supper. I love mass on Christmas, it is so beautiful with all the candles, the incense smells wonderful and the music is wonderful. I really love Christmas time. Last year I had to stay home for church because my son was sick but we are all healthy this year and really looking forward to a lovely time today. After mass we go to our cousin’s house where Santa Claus visits. It is so fun to see all the children gather around and sing Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman.

On Christmas Day this year we get to stay home, all day I get to stay home. I am really excited for that, I might not even get dressed all day. There will be no rushing about from here to there, no escalators, no elevators necessary. I really do love  Custom Elevator Design but on Christmas my house doesn’t have one so I will not be taking one. I will be laying about mainly on the couch playing games and watching movies with my husband and children.

Merry Christmas to all!