Making Special Gifts

If you are the type of person who likes to really give someone something really special like I do, I feel you pain and struggle when you try to think of what to get them that will be special. Tip for all you special gift givers: make them something! If they haven’t been wanting something or have a list, then make them something you know they will like. A lot of times it is cheaper and easier to think of when you decide to make something.

For instance, my friend just moved into her first house after college. I knew she was going to be nervous, excited, and all sorts of feelings in one. When you move into a house by yourself it really needs to feel homy. Living alone is already nerve racking enough, living in a house that doesn’t feel comfortable, or yours is not going to help the situation! I wanted to make her some sort of decoration that I knew she didn’t have, and could definitely use.

I diy vaseknow she loves wine, and she also loves that burlap, hemp, rustic, natural colors kind of look, so I thought I would wrap bottles up in hemp. I couldn’t believe how easy it was either. I just took some super glue and glued down the start of the wrapping, and then every so often I would add some glue to the bottle to make sure it stayed in place, and then at the very end of the hemp wrapping I added some glue.

I love that she can totally use these however she wants! She can add real or fake flowers, or use it as a bracelet holder, or just leave them as is! When she opened them up she absolutely loved them! they definitely went withe

Spencer’s has the Funniest Gifts

Have you guys shopped at a Spencer’s store? They have got the funniest gifts. They have the latest fads in college games like beer pong. There are so many T-shirts available at these stores, no matter whom you are shopping for you could probably find a t-shirt they would relate to, Minecraft anyone, or how about super heroes. Spencers has a great stock of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Products. Even footed pajamas. For unique gift ideas Spencers is a great place to shop.

Now through Monday they are having a sale too. Free  shipping on orders over $40 with code JAMOUT. I shop for my friends at Spencers all the time.  I can always find something unique, even a little naughty if it fits their personality. It is a fun place to kill time waiting for my kids at the mall. The people watching is great there too, sometimes I just watch and listen to the other shoppers and it makes me giggle. Spencer’s brings out the kid in people and that is a fun thing to experience. If you need a funny present or just a few smiles because it has been that kind of a day, wander around a Spencer’s Gifts store for awhile, it is a guaranteed way to start grinning.

Fall Homemade Gift Projects with Leaves

Fall is quickly approaching so this is a great time to talk about projects you can make in the fall for gifts. It is so fun to be in the season, on time, on trend, and save money! The fall brings opportunities for decorating with the beautiful colors. Leaves are so great for fall decorating projects, kids and adults alike can create great decorations to be used as gifts that look beautiful!

Here is a picture of a Fall Painting Project, I found on Pinterest.

73e3947f320c11fa86a09582308cb6d8Isn’t that pretty, any one would love to receive that and display it, it is an easy project for kids that is lots of fun too. Another one is to make a card and let your kids collect pretty leaves to glue on it. My kids make me a tree one year, they painted a trunk and glued pretty leaves they collected to it, it turned out gorgeous and I have it still. I framed it so I can take it out in the fall to display. These homemade Fall gifts are treasured by the recipient and they are from the heart but don’t cost a lot of money. That is what truly makes the gift so special after all. Go search out some fun bonding projects to do with your children the results will brighten peoples day!

Kringle Candles are Great House Warming Gifts for New Neighbors

It is a kind gesture to bring a new neighbor a house warming gift. It is nice to be able to reach out and say hello to meet them and introduce yourself and break the ice.  I also have an anterior motive, I like to size my neighbors up because you never know what kind of people they could be. Luckily all of my neighbors have been kind and friendly. Gift giving to strangers can be tricky and also maybe a little awkward sometimes. I have a few gifts I stick with in these situations, on of them is Kringle Candles. Because there are so many scents I can coordinate them with whatever season is upon us.


The new Spring and Summer line includes delicious scents like, Citrus and Sage, Peony, Sunflower Sunrise, Tranquil Waters, Soothing Cinnamon and Royal Cherries.  Another gift for new neighbors who may not seem like the candle type is home baked gifts. Everyone eats and it is helpful to have ready made food available when people are busy reorganizing and unpacking. Banana Bread is usually a hit, or muffins, or even a fruit basket. New neighbors will appreciate the time you took to reach out to them and you can gain some peace of mind in knowing a little more about them as well.


Outdoor Sink with Large Work Space and Hose Reel

If you have children then you know what kind of mess they make indoors as well as outdoors. How many times have you had to pretty much hose them down before they came back into the house? Whether it is mud, dirt, clay, paint, chalk…the list just goes on and on of all the things that kids over the course of the summer will get completely and totally dirty with. And why mom wants to bring extra dirt and grim into the house to have to clean later on.

This Outdoor Sink with Large Work Space and Hose Reel is a must in any backyard and with it being only $29 with the free shipping option at Amazon you just cannot go wrong. And there is even a place to hang your hose as well. It is the perfect size and it is very easy to install. I know this because I just installed one for my sister.