Found the perfect Father’s Day Gift for my husband, Pancake Plates!!

I know that it sounds really weird that this could possible be the perfect Father’s Day gift, but it is for my husband. I found Pancake Plates, and yes my husband is going to love them. This year we did our first run on tapping our Maple Trees in our yard, …..well ten of our trees anyway! We have probably 25-40 in our yard and in the woods on our property, so who knows the exact number. If you have never had fresh maple syrup you are totally missing out! No lie!!! When our syrup is finally done and we are ready to jar it, I have to have a few spoon fulls before he dumps it all into jars.


With that all being said, we love our syrup and often have what my husband calls “Binner” {breakfast for dinner}!  That usually consists of pancakes or french toast, eggs from our laying hens {we have a small farm}, sausage or bacon, all smothered in the homemade maple syrup that my husband makes. He loves pancakes and this Pancake Plate will be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him!! I am so excited, I am going to order them now and hopefully wait till Father’s Day to give it too him!!

Stone Drink Dispenser

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift for that hard to buy for guy on your shopping list? I found a really unique Stone Drink Dispenser that would make a perfect gift. Maybe you want to spice up your home bar or serving center, this stone drink dispenser will do just that.  The stones that are the base of these dispensers are handmade from stones found on the New England coast line and fixed with a stainless steel spigot with another stone lever.  Obviously since they are found stones, each one will be different, but very unique.

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These would make a great groomsman gift if you are planning a wedding this summer. While supplies last you can choose the round stones or a square stone. Bring a smile to the faces of those guys that are spirit lovers. I am pretty sure you will wow your guests when you ask to pour them a drink from your new stone drink dispenser. Get yours today before they are all gone!

Fun Gift Ideas

I always like to find fun gift ideas. I usually like to find things that are unusual and quirky. I wanted to share some fun things that I found that are not your usual gifts.  The first funny gift I found is a Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set. Bring a little fun to the table when you are adding your dressing to your salad.


The next gift is a set of Tipsy Wine Glasses. I love to sit around my good family and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Sitting around having fun and enjoying each others is what our family does best. This tipsy set of wine glasses would be a big hit in my family.


Head to the beach this summer with these Beach Sounds Portable Speakers, this one is my favorite. The Beach Sounds portable sound system means that you can now rock out at the beach without fear of getting water or sandy grit into your electronics. With its bright colors and retro look, this amplified speaker set has a water resistant body, that will conceal your MP3 player, smartphones or Walkman.  The inside is made of foam rubber and a velcro strap protect your electronics from being jostled around. I love going to the beach but I hate taking my phone out from under my beach towel in fear the sun and sand will get to it.


Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

If you are looking for new warm flannel sheets then you have to check out the Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Velvet Flannel Sheet Set. These are not just regular flannel sheets they are velvet and brushed flannel that are not disgusting polyester but 100% cotton. They are the most luxurious sheets you will ever be able to buy for this price. And the best part about these sheets is that every time that you wash them they will actually come out softer than they were before.
They are so incredibly nice, very soft and toasty warm…a must have! And they will last too. My mom bought a set of these sheets 4 years ago and she still has them and loves them. Of course all things don’t last but considering that this is her only pair of winter sheets and she is going into the 4th season with them…that is pretty good in my opinion.

Ritz Tropical Brights Solid Terry Cotton Kitchen Towel

There is one thing that you have to have in every kitchen and that is good dish towels. I personally have gone through many dish towels throughout the years and being very disappointed and even disgusted with the quality and lack of absorbency they had. Don’t bother going with those crazy materials that claim they are great for absorbing things because chances are…they are not. I got those sham-wows…and they turned out to just be a sham. They were horrible and they did not pick up anything. I found that the only thing that they were good for was to wash the car with.
For the kitchen I have found these Ritz Tropical Brights Solid Terry Cotton Kitchen Towel. I like terry clothes because they hold up good, they look nice and they will not only dry your dishes or your hands but they will not take forever to dry once you have used them!