Instawatch is Sweet


This watch is one of the latest tech gadgets on my must have list. The Instawatch lets you upload your favorite Instagram shot, to the watch face then pick the color of the band. Voila you now have a customized watch in no time.

There are some really great shots I have taken then loaded up to Instagram and made even better. With the special effects available on Instagram you can take an ordinary or even a blah photo and make enhancements to it that turn it into a really good photo.

I know my daughter will love this one for her birthday. As the younger crowd is moving away from Facebook they are now using sites like Instagram more and more.

Plain Bands or Ornate Engagement Rings?

This question perplexed by friend and her fiancee. While the tradition of a plain gold band is timeless and will never go out of style there is a draw to a fancy rings as well. As usual I suggested a list of Pros to each and see how they stack up. There are times when a list of pros and cons can lay it all out and make a decision easier. I think it helped put the decision in perspective. Here is what we came up with.



Plain Band


  • will not get caught on things as easily
  • easy to clean
  • comfortable
  • low maintenance
  • repairs less likely
  • can’t lose stones
  • more affordable
  • traditional

Ornate Engagement Rings


  • sparkly
  • original
  • can customize
  • sparkly again

So there seem to be more pros in her list to a plain band than an ornate ring. This is a decision that should come from the heart, it is something to be worn for the rest of your life and will probably be the most meaningful piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Practicality has a place but it should not be the only deciding factor. I am excited to see what she goes with. I did suggest she go with a few in between choices, whatever she picks it will be beautiful.



Get her the style she wants with a Unique Engagement Ring From Simone & Son

Shopping is painful sometimes, especially when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Shopping for an engagement ring should always be stress free and easy. Get her the style she wants with a unique engagement ring from Simone & Son. Getting engaged is a big deal, choose a unique engagement ring that will last a life time. Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Get her the style she wants with the help of the professionals at Simone & Son.

s_15188-f s_16800-f s_17571-f

You can choose from a huge selection of engagement rings or you can choose to create a custom one of a kind ring. I love the idea of creating a custom engagement ring, it is all you. Getting married is a lifetime commitment, getting a ring that is all you is priceless. Let the friendly staff help you create a unique engagement ring for the love of your life in a style that she likes, let her be Cinderella for the day and make all her dreams come true.

Make a great jewelry choice with Waxing Poetic

I love being able to sit in sweat pants and shop from home. One of my most favorite places to shop is at The Lamp Stand. Everyone loves to choose great pieces. Make your next great jewelry choice with Waxing Poetic.  I love giving jewelry and I love receiving it as well. Right now at The Lamp Stand, with every fifty dollar purchase you will receive a Sterling Silver chain.

yhst-94666432756749_2257_614279892 yhst-94666432756749_2257_614385519 yhst-94666432756749_2257_614223828

I love that with the pendant and charm jewelry you can create a style that is all about you. You can create your own style, look and be as dramatic or creative as you wish. There are crests, initials, different common shapes, as well as charms with gems and stones.  By creating your own pieces, you can match them to specific outfits.  These charms and pendents make great birthday gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.  Maybe you are heading out to a baby shower, or wedding, create a custom piece and be a party favorite!

Some Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I wanted to gather some really unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. So I have looked for some unique Family Tree gifts. Family is very important to me, with out them we have nothing in my eyes. I found this Family Tree Birthstone Necklace, you can order one for your mom with all the birthstone arranged on the pendent from top to bottom, {might want to arrange by age when ordering}. This is a beautiful necklace that your mom can wear everyday.


Maybe you don’t like to wear necklaces, maybe rings are more your speed. Check out this Family Tree Birthstone Ring. This rings brings together the family tree, and the birthstones of your children. This beautiful ring is made from sterling silver. The beautiful leaves and branches will wrap around your finger, holding up to five birth stones.


Make Mother’s Day a day to remember, make your mother feel special. With every Mother’s Day Gift I like to give a plant from the local nursery. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s!!