Facials From Orange County Make For Great Gifts

I always have a hard time thinking of something to give as a gift. I don’t know what it is about me, but I am really terrible at giving gifts. Ask anyone who has received a gift from me… Horrible. Finally I realized something that I can give to my girlfriends for probably the rest of their lives that they will be happy with every time. What girl wouldn’t like to get a facial from orange county? I have gotten many facials from Orange County, and I am pretty obsessed with them. They make my face feel unbelievably smooth and clean. Getting a facial at the end of each month is a great way to clear off your palate and be ready to conquer another month! Being at your best is your job, so why wouldn’t you want to do anything that could help you!? I know my friends are always complaining about how they feel like their faces just take a beating all the time with all the make up and stress sweat, and dirt from outside. Of course this facial from Orange County would do the trick!

Mom Loves…

With Mother’s day almost here, (only two days away), I wanted to list a few tried and true gifts every mom loves. I also need to find something so this is going to help me decide as well. Mom loves spending time with you most of all. In past years I have given my mom a card with a note inside to let her know I want to spend another day with her soon and take her somewhere. This is great for my Mom and I because I have so many siblings that it give us one on one time. In the past we have gone to a winery and had lunch for the afternoon. This is a special present for us both.


Flowers are also a nice gift for Mom, but what is nicer is if you plant them with her. I love it when my Mom and I garden together then sit in the yard  and enjoy what we have done. This is always important when you garden, sit back and relax and enjoy it. I find it I do not do this enough I begin to dread gardening.

If you are short on time or live far from Mom this is the list for you. Have fun I hope she loves it!

  • send a gift card to her favorite boutique
  • massage gift certificate
  • gift basket full of her favorite foods
  • jewelery
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • her favorite movie


Kringle Candles are Great House Warming Gifts for New Neighbors

It is a kind gesture to bring a new neighbor a house warming gift. It is nice to be able to reach out and say hello to meet them and introduce yourself and break the ice.  I also have an anterior motive, I like to size my neighbors up because you never know what kind of people they could be. Luckily all of my neighbors have been kind and friendly. Gift giving to strangers can be tricky and also maybe a little awkward sometimes. I have a few gifts I stick with in these situations, on of them is Kringle Candles. Because there are so many scents I can coordinate them with whatever season is upon us.


The new Spring and Summer line includes delicious scents like, Citrus and Sage, Peony, Sunflower Sunrise, Tranquil Waters, Soothing Cinnamon and Royal Cherries.  Another gift for new neighbors who may not seem like the candle type is home baked gifts. Everyone eats and it is helpful to have ready made food available when people are busy reorganizing and unpacking. Banana Bread is usually a hit, or muffins, or even a fruit basket. New neighbors will appreciate the time you took to reach out to them and you can gain some peace of mind in knowing a little more about them as well.


Love Chakra Stone Chimes

There is so soothing about a wind chime, maybe its sweet soft melody it makes when the wind moves it back and fourth. In the mornings I love to sit out on our deck and enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to nature, and my bamboo wind chime. When I had my first child, I hung a wind chime in her front of her window. In the summer time with the window cracked, I could lay my daughter down for a nap and she would be soothed to sleep by the sweet melody of her wind chime.


In the mornings when she woke she would sit up in her crib and watch the wind chime, sometimes it was not even moving but it was bright and colorful and she loved it. Wind chimes are my favorite gift to give in the summer time, you can hang them on your deck, patio, in your garden or from a tree. Maybe you don’t have any space outdoors, no worries they work great hanging indoors as well.  This Love Chakra Stone Chime is beautiful and will make a great birthday gift!!

Pamper Your Mother with a Trip to The Day Spa in Huntington Beach

I have to admit that one of my all time favorite gifts that I have received on Mother’s Day is a trip to the day spa. You too can pamper your mother with a trip to the Day Spa in Huntington Beach.  As a really busy mom to three very active children, I find myself catering to everyone else’s needs. My day is packed with getting two kids up and ready to be on our bus by 7am. The third is the youngest and usually wakes up as the other two are getting ready to get on the school bus, he goes to afternoon preschool. After I am done with getting the two oldest on the bus, I am getting number three fed, bathed and dressed. I do a couple loads of laundry and clean up from breakfast, after that is lunch and getting the little one out to the school bus.


Yes, motherhood is a blessing, I love my crazy busy life. I am a stay at home working mom, who blogs, cleans three houses other than mine every week, maintains and operates my house as well as running two kids to and from sports, dance, and TaeKwonDo. I often loose myself and find it to be a good day if I get to take a shower before noon everyday.


When my husband and I first became pregnant with our first child Michaela, he bought me a Mother’s Day spa day, the maternity one of course. It was the best day of my life….ok, well getting married, and the birth of all my kids is the first best days! But you get the picture! From that Mother’s Day on, with an exception of a few other holidays, I would receive a spa day package or massage package!   My point is mothers work really hard, as do dads, however treat your mom this Mother’s day with a trip to the Day Spa in Huntington Beach and let her get pampered for the day!