Fun Gift Ideas

I always like to find fun gift ideas. I usually like to find things that are unusual and quirky. I wanted to share some fun things that I found that are not your usual gifts.  The first funny gift I found is a Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set. Bring a little fun to the table when you are adding your dressing to your salad.


The next gift is a set of Tipsy Wine Glasses. I love to sit around my good family and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Sitting around having fun and enjoying each others is what our family does best. This tipsy set of wine glasses would be a big hit in my family.


Head to the beach this summer with these Beach Sounds Portable Speakers, this one is my favorite. The Beach Sounds portable sound system means that you can now rock out at the beach without fear of getting water or sandy grit into your electronics. With its bright colors and retro look, this amplified speaker set has a water resistant body, that will conceal your MP3 player, smartphones or Walkman.  The inside is made of foam rubber and a velcro strap protect your electronics from being jostled around. I love going to the beach but I hate taking my phone out from under my beach towel in fear the sun and sand will get to it.


The new iPod nano

Do you LOVE music? Crave music? Then you need the new iPod Nano 6th gen iPod. This is there newest iPod and is truly amazing piece of electronic! According to Walmart.Com:

mall and sleek, the Apple iPod nano 16GB clips on anywhere and goes everywhere. Its Multi-Touch screen has larger icons and is even easier to use. Built-in fitness features help keep you fit by tracking your workouts while keeping you motivated with each step. Eighteen clock face designs make it easy to turn your Apple iPod nano 16GB into a wristwatch that matches your mood. And a built-in FM tuner with Live Pause, along with Genius Mixes and playlists, ensures that your music is always fresh.

Apple iPod nano 16GB, Pink

  • Available in 8GB and 16GB capacities
  • 1.5-inch Multi-Touch color display with 240-by-240-pixel resolution
  • Anodized aluminum finish in six bright colors
  • Multi-Touch screen with large icons and an easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in Fitness Walk + Run workout support
  • 18 different clock face designs
  • FM radio with Live Pause
  • Genius Mixes and playlists
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Built-in clip
  • Built-in volume controls
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Apple Earphones included with the Apple iPod nano 16GB

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From my opioion, I have one of these and I have to say this was one of the best purchases I have ever made! Its small, perfect and fits perfect in my purse or pocket!

Destress and relax

If its one thing I need to more often, it is relax and smell the roses. Sometimes my job can get me very stressed out. This is when I take out my beautiful Lampe Berger and use it. I lay in my bed with my soft eye patch that covers my eyes. I just lay there and relax. Sometimes I will put soft music on such a rain or some jazz music. Whatever will help me relax, I will do it.

Its not that my job is so stressful I can’t take it, its just the little stuff that goes wrong. It makes my job so much harder. Only if one person would have seen the mistaken instead of just letting it go because there lazy. Sometimes I wonder if this job is still for me. Maybe its time to move on to bigger and better things?

What do you do when your job stresses you out so much?


Latest Obsession

This new band just came out this year! Their music is something I have never heard. It’s like a fresh breath when you hear the same song the radio. It’s a mixture of soft country, folksong, and a hint of indie. That’s if I dare put this album in any genre. Everyone will get something different out of this album guaranteed. One thing for sure is you will become obsessed! Check them out!