Dogs Need Beds Too

Do you have any dogs? I do, we have two dogs, Jackson aka Jack who is a Yellow Lab and will be ten years old this year. We also have Little Betty Blue aka Betty, she is Weimaraner and is nine years old this month.  We love our dogs and even though they have a huge kennel outside that is attached to our heated garage, they still like a nice soft place to sleep. I often find that they get wet from being on the floor of the garage, so I have been searching for a dog bed that is off the ground.


I have been looking for awhile, and finally found something that I think might work. I found the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed, that will work perfect for their kennel. Plus they will wash up nice with just some soap and they hose! I am pretty sure that the dogs are going to love these! This bed comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Perfect for any size dog. Get yours today!


Don’t Forget About Your Pooch

I was out at Target tonight, stocking up on last minute gifts, when I realized I forgot to get my little dog a present. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but I get my dog, Teddy, gifts every year. I consider him one of my kids so of course I felt terrible when I forgot to grab him something.

2012-10-30 12.21.01

Although it doesn’t have to be much I still like grabbing a bone, sweater or Kong. He lost his Kong and since he loved it so much I thought I would get him a new one, along with a tub of creamy peanut butter. I wanted to get him a sweater but my husband won’t allow it and thinks it’s completely ridiculous. He won’t be seen with Teddy when he’s wearing a sweater, what’s up with men? What is there to be embarrassed about I think it’s so cute!

KONG Dog Toy