Plus Size Summer Dresses and Swim Suits

dressWhen looking for a gift and the size is of question I have taken to the one size fits all approach. I go for hats, gloves, scarves, and socks. Admittedly these gifts are not as fun as some others but what do you do when you are unsure of the size and you want to avoid embarrassment on the person you are bestowing a gift to or giving them a chore or task by having to make a return? I have learned that some articles of clothing can be given to a range of sizes. Maxi dresses are one of these items. Basically they come in small, medium and large sizes and it is easy to put a person in one of those categories.

One item I have a bit of trouble sizing are swim suits, I would not pick that out for a lady, every woman has preferences in suits and it is hard to guess the swim suit size. But on the other hand plus size summer dresses are something that would be easier to guess a size for. When giving gifts where size is important to know do a little investigation, it requires planning ahead but it is worth it in the end.


Adults in Footies!?

My friend when she was younger would always wear her footie PJs around everywhere she would go.So her Birthday is coming up and i was looking through some old photos and there was one of me and her in our footies and right then i knew that’s what i will be getting her!I can’t wait to give them to her,because she is going to laugh so hard.I didn’t even know they made adult footie pajamas,but once i found them i bought her a pair and me.They are so soft and comfy and i love lounging around the house in them.

Lounging Around

My birthday was last weekend and my boyfriend knows when i get home i just like to lounge around and relax.I’m always cold though,so i cant just wear shorts and a tank top,i’m always in my hoodies and my yoga pants.I don’t really like my hoodies though,because there so bulky.He bought me this hoodie at Victoria’s Secret that’s oversized but still has a slim fit to it.I Love it so much,and its probably the most comfiest thing i own.I wear it all the time when i get home from work and its just amazing.