All It Took Was A Linear Actuator–Hubby Gift!

This is going to sound silly but, my husband and I have been having printer problems. My husband works from home so he needs the printer at all times, we can’t even go a day without it. Well yesterday the printer decided to junk out on us and it’s been the argument between us the past two days. We don’t want to replace the whole thing, which at first that’s what we thought we would have to do, because it is fairly new (and wasn’t cheap).

Anyways, enough rambling, this morning I brought it in to find out there was just one piece missing from it. If I would have known all it was going to take was a small Linear Actuator we would have saved ourselves a lot of arguments. After all the tension in the house I’m going to surprise my hubby with the working printer later! Such a simple part, that made all the difference.

Have you heard of Nike +

I have been getting more into fitness lately. It is hard because I am in school and my hours crazy. So any time that I can find to get my fitness in, I will. So I went over to Target and found this awesome watch. I find that it helps me with my fitness. I am able to track a lot of stuff. This is good for my busy lifestyle. Between work and school I have no time. It really sucks, but I have to do it.

I want to loose my weight for good. Once I get to my goal, I will always be watching my weight. It will always be a issue. I will always be working out and watching what I am eating. This is something that I will have to do for the rest of my life. If I want to keep my weight off, you have to watch what you eat and work out.


A feeling of being safe

A great gift to someone is letting someone you love them by purchasing them quality security cameras for there house or apartment. This makes a great gift because you will you always know that your love ones are safe just in case something bad was to happen.

Some home insurances actually give you a discount if you mention you have some sort of home security on your home. I think that is a good thing. This is great for single people who dont like being alone.

The gift of being safe is always good. Show your loved one how much you love them with a good system!