Gander Mountain Mojo Cot

With the coming of spring, we are going through closets. Getting rid of winter clothes and packing them up, getting out camping gear making sure it all works. My mother in law bought these Gander Mountain Mojo Cots to keep are her home for when the grand kids come over, that way they have a nice comfortable place to sleep. The kids love them and they even threw the cot in the camper a few times, when they took each child on their own little mini vacation. {they only have three grand children, so making three weekend trips was easy}. 419372_L1 One of the trips that one of my children took was a road trip to South Dakota. My father in law took my son Coleton who was 6 at the time and they left on an adventure that would last five days. They packed the camper full of movies, food, and activities for Coleton to do on the road. He had the time of his life, gone with no siblings to bother him, he was in heaven. They went to Mt Rushmore, the Corn Palace and Reptile Gardens. They had the best time ever