Over the Top Gifts

Sometimes I like to day dream about over the top gifts. Either to receive or give it is fun to think about having the absolute most extreme presents or to surprise someone special with something they would never expect. Could you imagine buying a brand new truck for your brother? Wouldn’t it be fun to see the look on his face as you hand him the key and the title, for no special reason or a birthday, it would just be so fun to do that. I also think about buying my mom the trip of a lifetime where she would be totally spoiled and not have to worry about money at all, just get whatever she wants to eat or drink and do whatever she likes without worrying about the price.

Of course all this is just fantasy but it is fun to escape for a bit and think about it still. I would love to plan a house so fancy that it would include a swimming pool, indoors and outdoors, elevator service, a guest house and a tennis court. I would have a wine cellar and a green house, chickens and horses. I would also have a great big barn to have parties in oh and a stocked pond for my kids to fish in. What do you day dream about?


Hit A Deer Without Putting A Dent In Your Pick-Up

My husband just got this new grill guard for his truck and let me tell you,it has helped ALOT.We had another one on before but he smoked a deer with it so it was toast.We bought this one and he has only hit one deer,but there wasn’t even a dent out into it.It was crazy.He loves this and I think were going to put in on my truck too,because there are many deer around where we live.