The Ultimate Wedding Gift

I had the most amazing gift idea the other day.. I don’t know why people haven’t thought of this sooner, but I am pretty proud of thinking of this. If you have already thought of it.. I’m sorry. I was buying my friend a wedding gift and after I bought the gift, I had to buy wrapping paper, ribbon, and a card. I was annoyed that I didn’t have any wrapping paper at home that would work for a wedding gift, and then all of a sudden it hit me.

A great wedding gift isn’t always something on the registry, or those wine glasses you think everyone would like. A great wedding gift is something that they won’t know they need until the time comes that they need it for. In my case, this would be a whole bunch of gift giving necessities. A lot of times people don’t buy the wrapping paper, gift bag, bows, ribbon, cards etc. until they need them! A lot of times buying theses things are quite annoying. The next time I get a gift for someone’s wedding or something like that, I am going to buy them a container filled with different wrapping paper, bow, ribbon, and all that good stuff! I just googled wrapping paper storage and this walmart kit came up.Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.57.51 PM

Even when I see a wrapping paper deal, I never want to buy it because I don’t need it at the time, so it doesn’t seem like a smart purchase. Buying off season wrapping paper is the best time to get it thought. They are always cheaper if you get seasonal wrapping paper not during that season! I would probably get a larger one to hold more things. All of these gift giving necessities can really add up at the register, AKA a very sufficient wedding gift! :)

Huntington Beach Facial For The Big Day

I am apart of my very good friend’s wedding party, and I couldn’t be more excited. Going through the whole wedding process with her is so much fun. Picking out flowers, decorations and panning music and everything it so much fun. Even though all of this has been a blast, I can tell that the bride is getting pretty exhausted and stressed out. I knew I wanted to do something for her before the wedding, something that wouldn’t worry her or cause her any more stress.  I instantly knew what I wanted to get her because of how much I loved doing it in the past. I wanted her to get a Huntington Beach Facial. They are the most relaxing things I have ever done.

cloudmover_hmskincareGetting all of the toxins washed away from your face is the perfect thing to do right before a wedding. Being able to not worry about your skin is really a great thing. Everyone knows how much it sucks to have even that one blemish on your face for a big day. You know its there, and it just puts a damper on your day. I definitely don’t want anything to be a damper on my friends big day!