Junior Plus Size Fashion Finds

It can sometimes be challenging to find a nice gift for the plus size person close to your heart. When shopping for clothes for young people the choices in junior plus size are not always as varied as the choices in the more widely worn sizes. There is a great market for this though. Luckily I found some nice options for my nieces whom I love to give clothes to. They love fashion and they are always excited to see what their favorite aunt, (as I call myself), has found for them this time.

plusGiving my nieces clothing that they love which is in fashion, and that fits them makes me so happy. The saddest thing is to see an outfit they love but won’t fit them. I don’t want them growing up with a poor body image so I do all that I can to encourage them.

Accessories are another thing that is fun to give and if you are unsure of sizes you don’t have to worry as much about getting the size correct. Scarves are in right now and are hot, they are worn in all seasons too. Hats, sunglasses, and big chunky necklaces are fun pieces that are versatile like scarves and will add a pop of color to another wise conservative look.

Boots Boots Boots

These boots go great with a jeans jackets and a daring mini skirt paired with black leggings. These boots 100% make me want to try out my bad side. The great fit, and the hot buckles and textures just add to their awesomeness. Paired with a pair of destroyed skinny jeans and a blazer and no one’s messing with you or your great wardrobe!


There’s one person I don’t mind shopping for and that’s my sister.She loves shoes and hot styles.She will wear any pair of shoes you get her..as long as they are her style.Most of the time I just get her a simple pair of black heels and you can’t go wrong.If you get shoes that are all one color they will be perfect,because they can probably go with anything.