Every makeup artist needs a good makeup brush set

Every makeup artist needs a really good brush set to create a beautiful canvas. As a beauty student, they didn’t give us a really nice makeup brush set. So I am asking for a really nice makeup brush set for my birthday. I already have a nice set of makeup brushes for my personal use. I just need a better pair for my clients. I hate brushes that are rough and pull. That is what those brushes I got from school do. I know that my clients would not want that. So it is important that I start looking for a new set.

The good thing about brushes is that they can be used and reused. There are certain thing you can use such as mascara. I would not use mascara wand on other peoples eyes. That is how you create infection. This is why disposable wands work well.


Picture Credit: Sephora.Com



Do you have a iPhone, iPad, iTouch or any other apple product? iTunes cards make great gifts. They even have great packaging that you are able to get 3 $10 dollar gift cards. There great for stocking stuffers or just to put in a birthday or get well card. I think that it really neat how they did that. Very clever!

I have a iPhone and I use iTunes all the time. I love finding new games, videos and music on iTunes. I love seeing new items on there. They update stuff a lot. I always check on it before I go to bed. There is cheap, semi cheap, expensive and super expensive apps, movies and music. It all depends on what your looking for.

For example, for my beauty school we have a app on the iTunes app store to help us study for the New Jersey state board test. I would find this super helpful even thought this app is $35 dollars plus tax.

Chi flat iron

One product I did not get in my beauty case for school is a flat iron. This is because flat ironing is not on the state board test for New Jersey. Now I am not sure if it is for other states, but I was rather sad to see a flat iron in my case. I use my personal flat iron to give my hair lift, curl it and to straighten it out.

So because I haven’t gotten one, I am asking for this one for my birthday. My birthday is in May and I would love to get the Chi air classic straighter. You can purchase it at Target and other stores. Chi is known for there good brands and products. If I am going to have one, I am going to get a good one that lasts. I don’t want to have to purchase several. It is rather expensive, but well worth it!