The Ultimate College Care Package

Got a kid going away to college? Whether they act like it or not, they are going to miss you and miss home! Getting a package is probably one of a college kids favorite things! They probably equally love getting things from home, knowing that they are missed, and the fact that they are getting free stuff :p carepackage

If you are going to send a student off, make sure to send them the ultimate care package ASAP! Either send it the day they leave, so they get it a few days after moving in, or send it a few days in advance, so they can get it the day they move in.

The Ultimate Care Package List
  1. A framed photo of the family – They will actually love this, I swear
  2. Coffee or coffee shop gift card – Their life depends on this
  3. A coffee cup – they need something to drink it with! Togo cups = just as important as their cell phones
  4. Their favorite candy – not too much… freshman 15
  5. A healthyish snack they like – along with unhealthy snacks they love
  6. A Walmart or Target gift card – whatever is in their college town
  7. A gas gift card – if they have a car
  8. Cold medicine – they are going to get sick living in the dorms.. no doubt about it.
  9. Some sort of small game – such as cards or a nerf gun
  10. Finally, A personalized note

You aren’t taking complete care of them anymore, you notice and so do they. Trust me. Sending your college kid a care package every once and a while will be something they absolutely love.

Note: Don’t tell them you are sending it! Surprises are even better!