A Rich Chocolate Surprie

Graduations, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, really any occasion you can give money as the gift. We all know there are different times when we actually want to give money as a gift. Does anyone else just giving someone a card with some money on the inside? I seriously hate doing that because it just seems so boring, and like there was no thought or effort put into it!

Chocolate moneyFor those time when I do want to give someone money, I like to do it in a fun way. My favorite is to put the money in a chocolate box like this one. Either save a box from a previous buy or just go any buy a cheep box of chocolates…. or buy the ones you like so you can eat them all! You could also use an existing box you have and just use, mini cup cake tins.

If you wrap it, when they open it, they will probably be less than exciting about the box of chocolates you just gave them. Either have them open it right away, or let the joke go on for as long as the wait to open the chocolates! Who knows it might be a while until they realize they have a bunch of money!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

images (2)

Are you one of those that waits until Christmas Eve to buy gifts? I know of a few, including myself sometimes! I was wrapping presents last night and realized I forgot all about stocking stuffers. UGH! Back to the store I go. I love to Christmas shop but not last minute like this because the stores are jam packed with frantic people running around, lines are really long and the parking lots are almost unbearable.

What do you get for stocking stuffers? I have heard of some people getting iPad s and iPhone’s for stocking stuffers, boy would I love to be at their house for those! At my house we give small things, usually under $10. When I heard my friends say they were giving those gifts to their kids I felt really cheap. I always grew up with small gifts in our stockings and our large, more expensive gifts, were from Santa and wrapped really nice. I don’t know about you but I think I would rather open up expensive gifts then receive them in my stocking. How do you all feel about that? Well, I’m off to the store because I don’t want to face the crowds this weekend! Off I go, wish me luck!


Don’t Forget About Your Pooch

I was out at Target tonight, stocking up on last minute gifts, when I realized I forgot to get my little dog a present. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but I get my dog, Teddy, gifts every year. I consider him one of my kids so of course I felt terrible when I forgot to grab him something.

2012-10-30 12.21.01

Although it doesn’t have to be much I still like grabbing a bone, sweater or Kong. He lost his Kong and since he loved it so much I thought I would get him a new one, along with a tub of creamy peanut butter. I wanted to get him a sweater but my husband won’t allow it and thinks it’s completely ridiculous. He won’t be seen with Teddy when he’s wearing a sweater, what’s up with men? What is there to be embarrassed about I think it’s so cute!

KONG Dog Toy


Gifts for the Whine-O

I do it every year. It is now half way through December and I’m still not done Christmas shopping! Every year I tell myself I will get it done by the beginning of December so I have time to wrap them and enjoy other Holiday activities. But, of course, it went this route again. I know the mall will be filled with last minute shoppers and I don’t want to deal with them or the parking lots. I just have a few last minute gifts for my girlfriends. Since we are such big wine drinkers I thought I couldn’t go wrong with wine accessories? I’m debating between a few different items one of them being these wine totes. I think these would be really handy for bringing wine to girl’s nights or parties. These are available at Lands End for only $25, if I buy 4 I will save $12.00

423178_A512_LF_AEW 423177_A512_LF_AEW

Next is wine cork coasters or wine bouquet rack. I would love to receive any of these gifts but just wondering what you all thought? What is the most practical but fun gift? These are all in the $20 range. I would love to receive any of these gifts ! Perfect for the whine-o in your group 

(these are only $19.95)


(This is $22.49)

Make Your Own Gifts

Where do you draw the line to who you buy gifts for? You have teachers, co-workers, neices, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc… A person easily runs out of money when buying for this many people. Since I love to give gifts, but my wallet doesnt, I decided to make some. Instead of buying gifts for co-workers, teachers and others I decided I would make them cute, useful presents. When I saw these glittery candles on Pinterst I knew that was a perfect gift idea. Simple, cute, but useful. These would also be a cute little hosting gift. Include some body scrubs, lotions and you have yourself  spa gift package! So easy.

All that is needed is glitter, modge podge and cheap little candles

step 1: easily peel off wrapping on candle

step 2: apply a liberal amount of modge podge

step 3: sprinkle on glitter

step 4: to keep glitter from getting everywhere apply another layer of modge podge on top of the glitter layer (it will dry clear)

DIY- Glitter Candles - Brunch at Saks

How cute! Bonus–only costed a few dollars and didn’t take much time at all