Making Special Gifts

If you are the type of person who likes to really give someone something really special like I do, I feel you pain and struggle when you try to think of what to get them that will be special. Tip for all you special gift givers: make them something! If they haven’t been wanting something or have a list, then make them something you know they will like. A lot of times it is cheaper and easier to think of when you decide to make something.

For instance, my friend just moved into her first house after college. I knew she was going to be nervous, excited, and all sorts of feelings in one. When you move into a house by yourself it really needs to feel homy. Living alone is already nerve racking enough, living in a house that doesn’t feel comfortable, or yours is not going to help the situation! I wanted to make her some sort of decoration that I knew she didn’t have, and could definitely use.

I diy vaseknow she loves wine, and she also loves that burlap, hemp, rustic, natural colors kind of look, so I thought I would wrap bottles up in hemp. I couldn’t believe how easy it was either. I just took some super glue and glued down the start of the wrapping, and then every so often I would add some glue to the bottle to make sure it stayed in place, and then at the very end of the hemp wrapping I added some glue.

I love that she can totally use these however she wants! She can add real or fake flowers, or use it as a bracelet holder, or just leave them as is! When she opened them up she absolutely loved them! they definitely went withe

Make Your Own Gifts

Where do you draw the line to who you buy gifts for? You have teachers, co-workers, neices, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc… A person easily runs out of money when buying for this many people. Since I love to give gifts, but my wallet doesnt, I decided to make some. Instead of buying gifts for co-workers, teachers and others I decided I would make them cute, useful presents. When I saw these glittery candles on Pinterst I knew that was a perfect gift idea. Simple, cute, but useful. These would also be a cute little hosting gift. Include some body scrubs, lotions and you have yourself ┬áspa gift package! So easy.

All that is needed is glitter, modge podge and cheap little candles

step 1: easily peel off wrapping on candle

step 2: apply a liberal amount of modge podge

step 3: sprinkle on glitter

step 4: to keep glitter from getting everywhere apply another layer of modge podge on top of the glitter layer (it will dry clear)

DIY- Glitter Candles - Brunch at Saks

How cute! Bonus–only costed a few dollars and didn’t take much time at all