Fun Gift Ideas

I always like to find fun gift ideas. I usually like to find things that are unusual and quirky. I wanted to share some fun things that I found that are not your usual gifts.  The first funny gift I found is a Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set. Bring a little fun to the table when you are adding your dressing to your salad.


The next gift is a set of Tipsy Wine Glasses. I love to sit around my good family and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Sitting around having fun and enjoying each others is what our family does best. This tipsy set of wine glasses would be a big hit in my family.


Head to the beach this summer with these Beach Sounds Portable Speakers, this one is my favorite. The Beach Sounds portable sound system means that you can now rock out at the beach without fear of getting water or sandy grit into your electronics. With its bright colors and retro look, this amplified speaker set has a water resistant body, that will conceal your MP3 player, smartphones or Walkman.  The inside is made of foam rubber and a velcro strap protect your electronics from being jostled around. I love going to the beach but I hate taking my phone out from under my beach towel in fear the sun and sand will get to it.


My Family Surprised Me With Massages In Huntington Beach!

Hi All! Hope everyone had a joyous Holiday, I know I did. This Season I have been in the giving mood. I asked for friends and family not to buy me gifts because I simply don’t need them. I would feel better that that money went to someone in need rather than me, who isn’t, but of course my family surprised me with a few massages in Huntington Beach. I guess I can accept that :)

This year I wanted to start a new tradition in my family. Like I said earlier I have been more into the giving season this year than ever. I’m not sure why but I love the feeling of helping others. My family and I went to our local shelter and helped stock shelves with food and donated many gifts. It’s a nice feeling to give back, especially to those that need it. Rather than thinking of yourselves this Holiday Season, give to those that need it. Even though Christmas is “over” that doesn’t mean the Season of giving has subsided. Happy giving my friends!

Here is some helpful ways to give back to your community.